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If you are a home owner and would like to do your own inspection, then you can order mail-order detectors through RSS, Inc. These detectors are mailed to you along with the proper installation instructions so you can perform the test yourself. If you would be interested in a mail order short term (2-3days) or long term (3mo-1yr) test kit today call us [(330) 963-6633] or email us to mail-order today!!

Radon Testing has been an issue in Ohio for many years. Today buyers are more aware of the dangers and techniques used in testing for radon. There are many accepted types of detectors and other radon products in the state of Ohio. The most frequently used is the charcoal canister.

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This type of device has been used in more inspections than any other type of detector. It has been around for the longest time and most inspectors and companies still use these today.

Don't be fooled by companies saying that they are "not accurate". This is not true... charcoal canisters have been scientifically proven to be as if not more accurate than the electronic monitoring system or E-perms. Electronic testing is also accepted by the state and so are E-perms, both of which are also very accurate if the test is performed by an experienced radon tester and the occupants of the home comply with "closed house conditions".

If both are evident in the inspection then the results should be a accurate representation of the radon consentration in the home.

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To order a test system test kit today call us [(330) 963-6633] or email us to mail-order today.